Evac Shock / Tablets

  • Cory Laboratories Evac Shock Tablets Evacuation Cleaner

EVAC SHOCK TABLETS 64 tablets - Advanced Bio/Enzymatic Formula. Once dissolved in water, E-Vac shock tablets form a Bio layer inside of the dental pipe lines which will continue to combat traditional and newly developed particles and soils found inside the evacuation system lines that traditional Protease Enzymatic formulation cannot. Because of its higher level of concentrated formula and an advanced biomass changing dynamics once they are added to the drain, the bacteria responds to organic buildup in their environment and starts producing the enzymes needed to clean and deodorize the drains/pipelines.

Bacteria are enzyme factories and will actively identify waste and continually produce enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase, cellulose, etc.) Non-Foaming, Biodegradable Neutral ph Made from natural products, Eco Friendly product (USA/CANADA) Classified as Biological Safety Level 1 Odor Control: Fresh Lemon Scent, eliminates malodors at their source. Removes sludge buildup, increases system efficiency and life of the pump.

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